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Ivy Park: This is My Park… A Self Challenge

So this outfit begins a challenge I posed to myself in which I take pieces from Adidas x Ivy Park Collection and wear them several ways to demonstrate how the Streetwear pieces can be integrated into everyday attire. This collection is from Beyoncé’s Streetwear clothing brand Ivy Park’s collaboration with Adidas, hence the title Adidas x Ivy Park. As of 11/13/20, there have been 2 releases of this collection and both releases have sold out from online stores within minutes. This collection is the definition of exclusive.

All pieces from the Adidas x Ivy Park Collection exceed my normal price point and it only makes sense to find every possible occasion to put a new spin on them every time they’re worn. Now word to the wise: If the clothing items are pricey and exclusive, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT wear them often. You need to preserve the quality and exclusivity of the item by OCCASIONALLY mixing and matching them into your wardrobe. Constant wear will run down the fabric and the overall perceived value of the item.

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