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How to Wear A Cropped Tank in the Winter

Yes, we’re re-purposing those summer tops for the fall/winter season! In this entry, you’ll see how I’ve repurposed the lace-front top that was popular this summer. You’ll see that you can absolutely keep looking cute in your crop tops all year ‘round! Here’s a few tips to keep your summer style in motion through this winter season!

1- Keep a high-waisted bottom on deck

You can wear just about any crop or tank top in the winter with a high-waist bottom. Whether that be a high-waisted skirt, jean, or even a pair of Bermuda shorts.

2- Add a thigh-high boot

For maximum coverage, warmth, and to step-up the overall look, you’ll add a pair of thigh-high boots. When pairing the crop top with the suggested bottoms, follow the below guide:

· Wearing with a skirt – you’ll want to wear tights or shorts with a thigh-high boot.

· Wearing with a pair of Bermuda shorts – you’ll wear a thigh-high boot over that will completely conceal the fact that you’re even wearing shorts!

· Wearing with a pair of high waist jean – you can add a thigh high boot to create the appearance of longer legs and a smaller waist. A MUST – The jean should be a skinny jean in order for the boot to seamlessly fit over it with little to no bulk at the ankles.

3- Add a fuzzy sweater and/or fleece lined jacket

When you have a warm, fuzzy sweater, all your cares fade away lol You’ll only be showing off this lace front crop indoors, but you’ll need a color coordinated fuzzy sweater and/or fleece lined jacket to wear over it. Adding a sweater in addition to the other items we mentioned earlier will ensure you stay warm, cozy, and fully on trend.

Just like that, you would’ve fully repurposed one of your favorite summer trends throughout the winter!

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