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How many ways can you wear a cropped sweater? At least 4!

In the depth of a New York winter, I needed to find out just how many items in my closet I could pair with this colorful, Coogie-like, cropped sweater. Side bar: Coogie is an urban sweater brand popularized by the famous late rapper, The Notorious B.I.G. in the early 1990’s. The eye-catching patterns, colors and squiggly lines made it an iconic trend of the time and ever since. Back to the task at hand: With this sweater, I found it paired best with either plain black or a combination black and white bottom. I paired it with a simple pair of black, destroyed denim jeans, a black and white stripped midi-skirt, a plaid, black and white jumpsuit, and a horizontal stripped jumpsuit - this I wore in this instance as a pant. The black and white combination allows the pattern of the sweater to remain as the center of the show, while still adding some pizazz (or “flavor” as the black community says) to the completed outfits. I paired the stripped midi-skirt with thigh high black boots - because its cold and keeping to the black trend and the destroyed denim jean with the same boot. The jumpsuit added a hiking feel and looked best with a lower boot to elongate the shape of the high-rise over the sweater. Shapes are everything is fashion and a boot or shoe higher than the ankle would overcomplicate this look and have an appearance of shortening the legs. As the vertical, black and white stripped jumpsuit functioned as a pant, we paired this with a low shoe to elongate the shape of the lines and legs. This was paired with a black Converse sneaker.

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