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4 ways to wear a Corset Top in Spring 2021

Over a long-sleeved shirt :

For a warm twist, wearing a corset top over a solid-colored shirt will give you warmth without compromising style. As a tip, match the color of the long sleeve shirt with one of the colors main colors in the corset. By ensuring the colors are cohesive, you allow the corset to shine as the statement piece while giving a seamless connection between the two pieces. Pair this look with a pair of jeans for a go anywhere, everyday look.

Over a sheer top :

A sheer top offers a layer of coverage in the case of a chilly room while the corset top serves as the statement piece. A solid colored sheer top that matches with a color(s) within the corset is best. You want to add a bit of texture, drama, and sexiness to the outfit without overwhelming the eye with colors. Remember – the corset top is the star. We are complimenting, and subtly completing, the look.

Under a faux fur jacket :

You’ll be fully comfy-cozy wearing the corset top under a cute faux fur jacket. As colors remain key, you will want the color scheme of the jacket to match the top. For example, bold bright colored corset top – bold bright colored jacket. Soft, earth toned corset top – soft earth toned jacket. The key to pulling this top off in an everyday look is a clean, sophisticated palette of colors with pairings of staple pieces.

Add a jean jacket to an existing combo :

Feeling fancy? Take it up a notch! For the first look – long sleeve shirt and jeans look: add a jean jacket that matches the jean pant for another layer of comfort and style. Keep in mind the color schemes for the top and stick with that color palette (i.e., soft, bold, earth-toned, etc.) throughout the outfit.

Bam. Now you have simple easy ways to wear a Corset Top.

Enjoy your spring flings!

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