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3 Ways to Wear an Adidas x Ivy Park Convertible Jacket

I’m all for stretching a dollar, especially when it comes to fashion. By buying a convertible jacket, you get an innumerable amount of possibilities of how and what you can wear it with. For demonstration purposes, I have 3 ways to wear an Adidas x Ivy Park Convertible jacket as a statement piece.

There have been several releases of this type of jacket since the Adidas x Ivy Park’s brand debut in spring 2020. There’s also an upcoming #ivyparkrodeo launch coming up on 8/19/21 – if this type of jacket is available, you may be able to try your hand at purchasing… that is, if you can’t beat the clock (and the bots) to buy before the line is sold out (insert prayer hands lol).

In the first look above, I partially deconstructed the jacket by unzipping the sleeves, and half-way unzipping the bottom zipper around the waist; this zipper separates the crop and midi length levels that are built into the jacket. These steps allow the jacket to lend itself to being a vest, it converts it to midi length, and adds a little drama around the waist. This way of wearing works best with a monochrome, basic- colored dress or one piece. Providing color continuity under the jacket will allow the separations in the jacket to be fully seen and recognized. In addition, you will want to wear a color under the jacket that is a darker contrast to the jacket for the same reason – you want every exaggeration of these adjustments to stand out and make a statement.

With the second look, I took the sleeves and bottom, midi-level of the jacket off and made a cropped vest. In this style of wearing, much like the last look on the right, I focus on the continuity of the garment under the jacket beyond the cropped line of the jacket. Cropped jacket + crop top = unsophisticated. In order to elevate the jacket in the winter, I added an oversized hoodie and a color coordinated, thigh-high, pointy, patent leather, stiletto boots. I focused on the color coordination of the boots, the statement jacket, and wore a light-colored men’s hoodie of the same color scheme.

In the final look, I solely took the bottom, midi-level off the jacket over a black and white jumpsuit to ensure A – The jacket stayed as the color burst statement piece and B – there was continuity from the top to the bottom of the garment under the hoodie to second this thought. The black and white plaid mixed, jumpsuit was key to keeping the jacket a statement piece without overpowering the outfit.

What did we learn today?

1 – When styling a cropped and/or multi-level jacket, focus on color continuity under the jacket

2 – Keep the statement piece just that by adding colors that are darker as they read as more sophisticated

3 – If you are going to match the color of the statement piece, do so with a shoe or accessories – not a full matching outfit of the same color. Same color matches will wash away the impact of a “statement” piece

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