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3 Ways to Wear A Tye-Dyed Dress

With the styling of this tye-dye dress, you’ll see that like previous blog entries, I focus on letting the dress be the color and the statement piece of the outfit. I then use the statement piece as a versatile item that can remixed in different ways, with a fresh flare each time.

First way is to wear with an oversized vest and belted at the waist. The vest being cream-colored is a simple way to add a basic color that brightens up the outfit. The clear, fluorescent waist belt is used for the same reason. For the completion of the grown and sexy look, I added a pair of clear heels and gold “door-knocker” earrings. These accessories put the look over the top, but still allow it to remain within the sophisticated and sexy realm.

I call the next look my backyard BBQ friendly look because it can be worn to just about any occasion. The tye-dyed dress is worn over a white, lightweight, long-sleeved shirt. Its accompanied by patent leather Doc Marten boots and black, hanging earrings. This look is perfect for the tomboy-girl inside that wants to be covered, comfortable, yet sexy at the same time. It’s the perfect balance of style, comfort, and sex appeal.

The last look is the dress worn as a statement by itself. A body chain, a pair of stud earrings, and clear pumps are added for a little extra flare to an otherwise basic dress. A sexy, sophisticated statement look involves harmonizing the statement piece with accessories that play up, but doesn’t overshadow, the statement.

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