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3 Ways to wear a Party Dress

So, you thought a simple, mono-colored party dress had to be confined to parties? No way! Here are three ways to remix your party dresses and save money in the process.

For one, let’s start by wearing the dressy dress to its fullest potential. The biggest bang you’ll get out of a simple party dress is by adding a bold statement piece. Complimenting a basic, solid-colored dress with a bold, captivating necklace is key to keeping the look classy and chic. A sexy and simple way to complete the look is to add a simple pair of clear heels to the outfit. As a bonus, you can also add a statement clutch that is consistent with the colors of your outfit.

Pro-tip: less is more at formal events. Statement pieces are just that – statements all by themselves. You don’t want to overwhelm the look (and other people’s eyes) at a formal affair with too many colors, patterns, and/or textures. Doing this could come across as tacky, inappropriate, or even worse, unfashionable.

Now… on to wearing this dress on a regular day. What we do here in the last 2 looks is essentially make the dress into a chic skirt. With a few tweaks, this “skirt” becomes the foundation and a staple in a handful of streetwear looks. I demonstrate two different ways to convert the once formal dress into streetwear looks that are sure to turn heads on a regular day, at any non-formal occasion.

In the middle look, we add an oversized orange and white t-shirt over the dress. I implemented a technique called “color blocking” here to add some excitement to the outfit with adding colors that otherwise may not be seen with the cobalt blue dress. I also add a chain necklace, bamboo earrings and black, patent leather Doc Martin boots to give it the streetwear vibe. The look says I’m trendy and effortlessly fly.

Side note: Color blocking is one of my favorite ways to pull together an outfit that you may not otherwise think of. As defined by Google, color blocking is “(in fashion and design) the use of contrasting blocks or panels of solid, typically bright color.” Translation: put colors together that are from different color families. I.e., orange and cobalt blue, neon pink and yellow, bright green and lavender, etc.

In the last look, I keep the bamboo earrings, Doc Martin boots, and add a cropped, white hoodie to the equation. As there are no other colors in this outfit outside of the cobalt blue dress, you can be free to a cropped hoodie of any color to this outfit. The crop style of the hoodie is key as we are highlighting the appearance of a high waisted skirt. A cropped hoodie generally would fall approximately at mid-back and is the perfect length to keep the “skirt” as a fully visible part of the outfit. A regular fit or oversized hoodie would wash out the sophistication of the “skirt’s” touch to the outfit and thus, eliminate the possibility of a cohesive, thought-out outfit.

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