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2 Ways To Wear An Orange Crop Top

The orange crop is a must-have summer item that is more versatile than you think! The color orange is huge this summer and the crop is the perfect balance between sexy and scandalous – you get to show a little bit of skin and/or have a higher cut top, without pushing the boundary into inappropriate territory.

Here are a few ways you can wear this top in the summer… and even well into the fall:

In the first look, you will see the orange crop with black, high-waisted destroyed jeans, a gold chain and open-toe booties. The addition of the gold chain belt compliments the orange while A – not overpowering the statement of the top and B – adding to the overall look’s completion. The black destroyed denim is also key here – it allows the orange to be the center of attention and lends to be a base for the gold chain belt. The black, open-toe bootie offers sleek, sophistication to this look and allows you to wear the look anywhere a good time is present.

In the second look, you’ll see the versatility in the top, in that it can be worn as a vest. The key to the sophistication of the look are the white button up top with black trim, destroyed boyfriend jeans, and again the open-toe bootie. By putting the orange crop over the white button up, you allow this look to be worn indoors and well into the fall and winter seasons. The blue jean destroyed denim allows a needed color contrast in breaking up the black, white, and orange.

In the colder months, you can even layer under warmer tops like camisoles, t-shirts, and the like. The destroyed boyfriend jean is in for this summer – say goodbye to boot-cut jeans! Put them away for a while when you’re going out on town in style. Trips to the supermarket and running errands are still fair-game for the boot-cuts.

Now you’re armed to shop for colorful crops with ease! Be free to move about in a bold, bright orange crop!

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