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2 Ways to Wear A Suit Dress

My favorite thing to do is to take items that I wear to my day job and convert them into night time looks, thus, keeping me stylish, saving time & money. In this case, I take a suit dress and re-purpose for use from 9am to 9pm!

You need a good suit-dress in your closet. Whether it be basic or has a black & white pattern, you need to have one. A suit dress is incredibly versatile. 1 – It serves the purpose of being a suit and a dress 2 – You can dress it up for the office or down for a night out 3 – it’s a fashion staple, meaning, it will be in style for a long period of time and thus, you won’t have to go shopping to replace it (for reason of being outdated) anytime soon.

When you're dressing up for work, you have to be mindful of not showing too much skin in a professional environment. The button-up shirt doesn’t have to be long sleeved when wearing it under a suit dress or a top with a low V-neck. In fact, you may want to wear a sleeveless top underneath for comfort and to avoid feeling too hot.

A pair of regular sheer tights are safe, but boring! It’s ok to add a little spice to your legwear with some subtle designs. The key word here is subtle. Too much patters and designs can throw off the outfit and border tacky. Add a little style to your profile with some classy, but subtle style.

In the office, you will need to have a low-heel bootie for 2 reasons: 1 – you’ll be walking around all day and will want to be comfortable and 2 – a heel too high (over 4 inches) may be considered inappropriate. (Bootie pictured has 3” heel.) A good black bootie is like the icing on the cake of an already bomb outfit.

It’s turn up time! So, we’re switching out the modest bootie for an eye-catching, patent leather, thigh high boot. It’s the drama for me! This is where you can add some flare to your outfit while being completely covered and warm.

As a completion of the night-time transformation, I added a black, camisole bodysuit to give a bra-like appearance. A black bodysuit works to give you layers in the winter and can also be used in the summer as a stand alone top with a high-waisted bottom.

Here’s another one (DJ Khalid voice lol). This is a fashion staple you need to have, if you don’t already. Normally, I would say add a hanging, statement necklace to take advantage of the open chest area, but in this case, we want to lean in. Let the open chest area be free. We’re adding a little accent to the neck to further bring the eye-line down.

Ready to get dressed in your own, personalized collection of new looks? Let’s chat! Schedule your free consultation today!

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