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2 Ways to Wear a Bandana Skirt

As bandana print has been one of this summer’s biggest trends, I’m helping you remix this trend for the fall. Add a pair of black thigh-high boots and a cropped, long-sleeved top and you’re in!

In the look on the left, I incorporated a fuzzy, button-up, cropped sweater for the fall/winter season. The lilac/plumish color is trending for the fall and is a must have color for your wardrobe. For a sexy edge, open the first few buttons showcase a black lace bra or camisole. On trend? Check! Have we brought the sexy back? Yasss!

For the second look, I integrated the summer green/highlighter yellow in with the bandana bottom. To step-up the look, I added a gold plate necklace and door-knocker earrings. As an add-on for warmth in the winter months, you can also add a black leather or dark-colored fur vest for an added layer.

And voila! Ain’t no stopping us now, we’re on the move!

Side note: As a caution, I tried a few different tops with this and due to the A-line shape and structure of the skirt, here’s what didn’t work: A white button-up, a full length top, and/or a loose-fitting top. These tops just ended making the shirt look frumpy around the waist and thus, giving the effect of a pudgy waistline. Avoid loose fitting top with structured, A-line skirts to ensure the appearance of a smooth, flat mid-section.

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